Accidents and Breakdowns

The Woodford Group is committed to providing support in every area of our service to you. That's why our dedicated accidents and breakdowns team is on call to deal with any incident on or off the road.


In the event of an accident, follow these steps:

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. If you're involved in an accident while renting one of our vehicles, don't panic.
Simply call and report the accident to Woodford. Click here to view contact numbers.
If possible, try to make this call immediately or at the very least within six hours of occurrence.
Your safety is priority. Check for any injuries or seek medical attention if necessary. Above all, remember to stay calm and gather all information from the relevant parties.
Please be aware that there are tow-truck services that pressure people involved in an accident into entering into agreements on the spot. Woodford has your best interests at heart, so please be advised that no towing company other than one authorised by Woodford is allowed to remove a vehicle.
As is legally necessary, be sure to file an accident report at a South African Police Services (SAPS) office within 24 hours of the accident.
Also make sure to visit the nearest Woodford branch within 24 hours to hand over the accident report number as well as the details collected from other parties.


Woodford's vehicles are regularly maintained and in excellent order. There will be cases, however, when your car might fail you. Rest assured that we never will.

In the event of a breakdown, follow these steps:

Remain calm and make yourself aware of your surroundings. Think back to distances from the last city, town, landmark or service station.
Call us and report the breakdown to a Woodford consultant. Click here to view contact numbers.
Advise the consultant where you are (to the best of your ability). Please also inform the consultant if you are safe in the area or if you have any pressing emergency or need.
Take note of the problem and try to report this to the consultant as accurately as possible
Do not allow any breakdown response service to remove or repair the vehicle unless your Woodford consultant confirms authorisation of the response team.
Continue on your journey and reach your destination.