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Flash Sale

Woodford's Flash Car Hire options are not to be missed - visit Woodford Car Hire and bookmark this page to never miss a Flash Sale!

Why Car Rental with Woodford makes sense

Why Car Rental with Woodford makes sense

Top Road Trip Destinations

Top Road Trip Destinations

Top 10 Dangerous Roads in South Africa

Top 10 Dangerous Roads in South Africa

Safest Rental Cars

Safest Rental Cars

Are Rental Cars Pet-Friendly?

Are Rental Cars Pet-Friendly?

Woodford Secures Softbev Distribution in Gauteng

Woodford Secures Softbev Distribution in Gauteng

Woodford Vehicle Rentals Hosts Teambuilding at Zwartkops Raceway

Woodford Vehicle Rentals Hosts Teambuilding at Zwartkops Raceway

Three Holiday Options for Easter

December is long gone, but in South Africa there is always a valid excuse for a getaway. April is just around the corner, and you know that that means - Easter holidays!

Three Romantic Getaway Destinations in South Africa

It's February and love is in the air, so why not make some extra effort and treat that special someone in your life to an unforgettable romantic getaway?

Getting Ahead of the Holidays

The summer holidays are around the corner and at Woodford Car Hire, we know you can never be prepared enough. That’s why we’ve complied this handy list of five tips to get you ahead of everyone else:

Woodford Brings it Together with Service

Over the past month, Woodford Car Hire has been running its “Winning with Woodford” campaign, which has been aimed at celebrating the many customers that we’ve serviced over the years who have been kind enough to share their experiences with both us and the public.

What’s on in SA

Have a look at these events around South Africa in July

Get over your post-holiday blues…

Woodford Car Hire has the perfect solution if you’re feeling down after your holiday – take another holiday!

Get the most out of your buck with Woodford

Have rising prices been getting the best of you? Woodford Car Hire has a few tips for keeping your road trip budgets down and bank balances up.

Celebrate Youth Day with Woodford

Woodford Car Hire has the perfect solution to beat away the winter woes.

Go your own way this holiday!

The mid-year break is here! Woodford Car Hire is just as excited as you are, because that means we get to see you pass through our doors en route to that much-deserved break.

Get Waivers Right with Woodford

A waiver occurs when you pay a small fee upfront that ensures that the rental company waives their right to charge you for the excess in these events, up to a specified amount.

Cape Town on a budget

A little patience, a few clicks and some browsing around can get you across the country on a shoestring budget that allows for some of the best accommodation and rentals available.

Beyond Cape Town this Long Weekend

Everyone loves a long weekend. It isn’t as much fun, however, when everyone who loves the long weekend is in the same place as you happen to be on your much-anticipated getaway.

Car hire innovation at Woodford Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the bustling heart of South Africa’s economy, with innovation and technology creating the pulse that powers the vibrancy of the city.

Rent a Bakkie, Boet

Another word that might be completely foreign to the, uh, foreign ear would be “bakkie”. Bakkie is the South African equivalent of the widely known pick-up truck. The word is derived from the diminutive of the Afrikaans term bak, which literally means bowl. Another popular derivative of the word is from the English term “buggy”, referring to the old two-wheeled horse-drawn cart used on farms.

Woodford @ OR Tambo International Airport

OR Tambo International is Africa’s gateway into Johannesburg and, for the majority of visitors flying in from abroad, into South Africa

Woodford On Top Of The Tech Game

At Woodford Car Hire we are dedicated to bringing our customers the very latest and cutting-edge technology in the car hire industry, ensuring improved, streamlined and hassle-free service every time you book with Woodford.

Useful travel advice for Port Elizabeth

Scenic Port Elizabeth is situated on the Sunshine Coast in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. PE (Port Elizabeth) has a wonderful coastal climate, temperate in water and weather on an almost daily basis.

Useful travel advice for Durban

On South Africa’s east coast you’ll find Durban; a subtropical city with a warm and relaxed personality to match. Located right on golden shores and just 45 minutes from the countryside, Durban is perfectly positioned for work and play.

Reasonable Car Rental in Cape Town South Africa

Finding reasonable car rental in Cape Town South Africa is an easy task! Travelling Cape Town and the Western Cape by car is an excellent way to explore the city and countryside.

Driving in Port Elizabeth

Driving in Port Elizabeth is a both a pleasure and the best way to get to the various places you may want to visit. Locals maintain that PE (Port Elizabeth) is a “20 minute city”; meaning it takes twenty minutes (or less) to get from one side of the city to the other.

Sight-see the Cape with car hire Cape Town

Car hire Cape Town is really practical for sight-seeing. A balanced Cape Town tour can easily be achieved by renting a car and doing a self-drive tour around the city to various places of interest.

Hire Car Cape Town

For a balanced tour of the Cape, hire car Cape Town. Including day trips when travelling the Western Cape offers a holistic experience of the incredible diversity that makes it what it is.