Why Car Rental with Woodford makes sense

Why Car Rental with Woodford makes sense

Why Car Rental with Woodford makes sense

It’s never been a better time to Book Direct with Woodford.

When you use the Woodford website to book direct, you get so much more. You join South Africa’s largest independent car hire network with access to the largest range of vehicles to choose from. 

Alternative search sites that compare low-cost rates often do not show you the full vehicle range or the most accurate, lowest pricing. Not to mention the hidden fees that pop up just as you get to the final screen.

At Woodford, there’s no hidden costs or middleman cuts. When you book the lowest price on the Woodford website, you get the lowest price and the vehicle model that you booked.

That may seem like a simple transaction, and typically what you would expect from an online rate-comparison service, but be warned,only the direct rental company can confirm that you get exactly what you paid for.


Here’s all the perks you get when you book with Woodford.


Largest Range of Vehicles

You can compare rates across all our vehicle models, including our incredibly cheap rates on luxury vehicles. We have the largest range to choose from, all at affordable prices. Don’t limit yourself to the small range offered on comparison sites. Go straight to the source and see what you could be driving the next time you travel.


Lowest Price Guaranteed

We’re known for our low prices, especially on luxury range vehicles. Browse our website and see for yourself. We’re cheaper than other rates you will find on alternative sites. When you deal directly with Woodford, you know you are getting the lowest price possible. We set the standard and our low rates are inclusive of costs that would typically be added on if using a rate-comparison site.


Earn Advance Loyalty Points

Any booking you make on the Woodford website earns you points on our advance loyalty program. Once you sign up, your points can earn you discounts and free add-ons for your next booking. Our loyalty members have used their points to cover upgrades, car seats and rental days.


Simple Add-On Insurance

During booking, you have the option of adding insurance to your rental. This covers you for any bumps on the road. We want our customers to be informed of every step in the booking process. That means, no hidden costs and we will definitely advise you of any further add-ons that will incur a cost.


Get the Vehicle You Booked

You are guaranteed to get the vehicle you booked when you use the Woodford Website.


Deal Direct. No Middleman.

This is by far the best perk. Woodford is guaranteed to have your booking confirmed on our system when you book directly with us. No anxiety necessary. Your car will be ready and waiting to pick up when you arrive at our service desk.


Book direct at www.woodford.co.za



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26 Jul 2019

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