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Three Holiday Options for Easter

December is long gone, but in South Africa there is always a valid excuse for a getaway. April is just around the corner, and you know that that means - Easter holidays!

Three Romantic Getaway Destinations in South Africa

It's February and love is in the air, so why not make some extra effort and treat that special someone in your life to an unforgettable romantic getaway?

Get over your post-holiday blues…

Everyone knows that the post-holiday period that runs into the first week back at school and work can be a pretty depressing time.

Getting Ahead of the Holidays

The summer holidays are around the corner and at Woodford Car Hire, we know you can never be prepared enough. That’s why we’ve complied this handy list of five tips to get you ahead of everyone else:

Get the most out of your buck with Woodford

Have rising prices been getting the best of you? Woodford Car Hire has a few tips for keeping your road trip budgets down and bank balances up.

Celebrate Youth Day with Woodford

Woodford Car Hire has the perfect solution to beat away the winter woes.

Go your own way this holiday!

The mid-year break is here! Woodford Car Hire is just as excited as you are, because that means we get to see you pass through our doors en route to that much-deserved break.

Easter Holiday Treats

The Easter holidays are just around the corner! That means Woodford Car Hire is once again offering amazing deals to keep you on the road and on your way to fun and relaxation.

Give Blue Flags the Green Light this Summer

If you’re looking to catch some sun while the heat is still on, you might want to look into visiting one of South Africa’s 41 Blue Flag beaches.

Tis the season…

There’s no shortage of events taking place around the country this festive season to cater to every inclination and taste.

Spring Into Gear This Summer

Hire a Car through Woodford Car Hire and plan your route now

Keep yourself from cracking over Easter

The Easter holidays are a welcome break for both parents and kids after adjusting to a new school year, especially on the back-end of a grueling summer. That’s why South Africa’s roads tend to be a bit busier when it comes to the long weekends during and around Easter, so Woodford have put together some tips for getting your loved ones to your destination safely – and for keeping yourself from cracking en route!