Go your own way this holiday!

Go your own way this holiday!

The mid-year break is here! Woodford Car Hire is just as excited as you are, because that means we get to see you pass through our doors en route to that much-deserved break.

The mid-year break is here! Woodford Car Hire is just as excited as you are, because that means we get to see you pass through our doors en route to that much-deserved break.

Don’t have any plans yet? That’s no problem with Woodford, because we’ve put together a list of the top three things to do this winter holiday that buck the usual trend – and, of course, the perfect vehicle to go with it:

1. Go Skiing

Skiing isn’t exactly a national sport of South Africa, given our amazing weather all-year-round, but for something a little different, you might want to visit Tiffindell Ski Resort in the Eastern Cape for a chance to experience a European-like getaway.

Tiffindell lies on the slopes of Ben Mc Dhui – the highest mountain peak in the Cape that is part of the southern Drakensberg range of mountains – and can accommodate up to 300 skiers on both its beginner and expert slopes.

You’re going to want to pack in the winter clothes and gear for this trip so a Jeep Grand Cherokee would probably be the right fit. Book online with Woodford Car Hire, fly into either Port Elizabeth International, and pick up your Jeep there. The scenic drive from Port Elizabeth is just over 550 kilometres, but the scenery makes it worth it!




2. Go Flower-watching

We’re cheating a bit with this, because the best time to go is late July to October, but there’s no reason why you can’t delay your mid-year break a week or two to experience the Namaqualand Flower Route that runs through the Northern Cape.

The sheer volume and diversity of the wildly-coloured flowers that come into bloom almost overnight at the end of winter are one of the most magnificent sites South Africa has to offer on a flower route that runs through the Richtersveld National Park, the Goegap Nature Reserve, and the Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve – although you can include a number of other places to visit beyond or along the way.






The Namaqualand Flower Route lies roughly 5 hours north of Cape Town, but you can see evidence of the flowers even from the outskirts of the Mother City. Space and comfort would do you and the family well for the trip, so you might want to consider a Chrysler Grand Voyager – with low rates and extra free kilometres, all available at Woodford!




3. Go Fish

It’s been named the Greatest Shoal on Earth, with thousands flocking to see whether the natural phenomenon takes place. The Sardine Run along the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal is not exactly an annual event in winter because sometimes it just doesn’t happen (scientists are still baffled by this one)!

The migration of billions of sardines – some groups of more than 7 kilomteres long – sees hundreds of dolphins, sharks and whales following the run for a source of food.

The ocean spectacle can be viewed through a number or charted tours or even enjoyed directly if fishing is your sport. Fly into King Shaka International Airport outside of Durban and travel further up the coast or into the city itself to see it, along with all the other winter festivities at the warm beachfronts Durban has on offer.

Try Woodford Car Hire’s Nissan NP300 or the Toyota Hilux double-cab – at extremely low rates – for your stay in Durban, with both up for a little rough and tumble if the opportunity presents itself!


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8 Jun 2015

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