Get over your post-holiday blues…

Get over your post-holiday blues…

Everyone knows that the post-holiday period that runs into the first week back at school and work can be a pretty depressing time.

Woodford Car Hire has the perfect solution if you’re feeling down after your holiday – take another holiday!

It might sound a little extreme, but we’ve given you a few reasons why a mini-break after the big one is in order:

You can avoid the big letdown

We all feel it. That initial happiness when you arrive back at home to familiar comforts… followed by that feeling of emptiness after getting back and the dread when you realise it’s back to reality.
A second holiday is the perfect tonic for that, even for just a weekend after a week of work. The comedown after that would be much easier to bear.

Re-live rather than reminisce

Co-workers and family members get a little tired of hearing about what you got up to during your time away as you try to keep the memories of your favourite holiday fresh.
Spare everyone around by looking forward to your next holiday rather than looking back at the one you just had.

You get to have a do-over

Going on a holiday during peak periods can be stressful, hurried and pretty intense. It’s only afterwards that you realise what was worth spending a little more time on, rather than rushing through with.
Get a do-over with a mini trip that includes all the highlights of the previous one, so you can be sure to get it right the second time around.

The one thing you won’t want to be changing will be choosing Woodford Car Hire. You can get the same great deals – with even lower rates – for your holiday after a holiday.

Take the leap with Woodford and avoid the post-holiday blues.

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24 Feb 2016

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