Advance Rewards Programme

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Complete the free Woodford Advance registration by clicking here. You will be enrolled instantly and your next rental will earn points. Earn a percentage of your total rental value (excluding tax) on each rental. The rate at which you earn points depends on which tier of the programme you reach. Spend your points on any online rental reservation. Your points never expire and you can use them whenever you want to.
The more often you rent, the more points you earn

Green Silver Gold
1 - 8 rentals per quarter earns you 5% of the total value of your rental* 9 - 14 rentals per quarter earns you 10% of the total value of your rental* 15+ rentals per quarter earns you 13% of the total value of your rental*

Added Benefits
Single upgrade upon availability
Single upgrade guaranteed
Free additional driver
Priority for car availability
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Woodford Advance?
Woodford Advance is a rewards programme for exclusive use by Woodford Car Hire customers. It allows for points to be earned on rentals that is calculated as a percentage of the total rental value (excluding tax). The points equate to a rand value (1 point = R1) that can be used towards your next rental. A greater percentage of points can be earned the more you rent with Woodford. See the table above for more details on the rewards available.
Do I earn points on just the rental value of the vehicle or on other extras and spend as well?
Points are calculated on the total value of the rental, excluding tax. That means that extras, such as rental of GPS, baby-seat, or an additional driver will also earn you points.
How does the tier system work? What is the difference between Green, Silver and Gold levels?
Woodford Advance rewards customers for the frequency of their rentals. The more you rent with Woodford Car Hire, the higher your earning percentage on the total value of your rental (excluding tax). The tiers are considered against a time period of three months from the date of your first booking as an Advance member. The tables above indicate what number of rentals you require in a three-month period in order to stay in that tier Customers will be evaluated every three months to consider whether they remain in the same tier, are promoted to a higher tier, or demoted to a lower tier, based on the frequency of their rentals during the quarter.
How do I know when I've earned points and what my points balance is?
Your online profile provides a dashboard that shows you how many points you've earned for each rental along with your total points earned and spent. The dashboard will also indicate how close you are to promotion to a new tier. Woodford Car Hire will also send out monthly emails informing you of your balance and your tier status.
Do I earn points on rentals that have been paid for by redeemed points?
Unfortunately points cannot be earned on rentals that have been paid for in part or in full with redeemed points.
Can points be exchanged for cash or cash equivalents?
Like most rewards programmes, points earned cannot be exchanged for cash or cash equivalents. You are, however, welcome to spend your points with Woodford for upgrades to another vehicle category or for extras.
Can I earn or redeem points in-branch and online?
Woodford Advance runs exclusively online. You may only redeem points in advance by logging in when making a booking. Points cannot be redeemed in-branch or at the counter.
How long before I can spend my points?
As soon as you've earned points, you can redeem them immediately on your next rental.
Do my points expire?
No, Advance points do not expire.
Is there a cost for being an Advance member?
There is no cost for being part of the Advance Loyalty Programme. It is purely a rewards scheme on which you can earn points from your rentals and redeem them in the future.
How long does it take to process my registration?
As soon as you complete the online form with the required details, you are enrolled instantly and you can earn points on your next rental.
Do you have other questions?
For additional questions, please click here to contact us
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