Favourite Corporate Vehicles

Favourite Corporate Vehicles

A business traveler's choice of car says a lot about their trip

If you need to get from the airport to an office, pick an Alto or a Micra to keep costs low.

If you need to transport a client, a safe and luxurious Audi, Mercedes or BMW will give you confidence and peace of mind.

If you want to make an impression in the minds of clients, a top of the range Mercedes or BMW will show your VIP Status.

If you are on a deadline our VIP meet and greet service will ensure that you make it from the arrival hall to the road in the shortest time possible.

Woodford makes business car rental simpler and easier.

At Woodford we understand that many of our clients are in a city for a day and need a car for only a few hours.

Woodford's standard rates include 100km free and are available for a single day.

The most popular corporate vehicles ordered through our website are





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27 Jan 2014

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