Get to Cape Town for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019

Get to Cape Town for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019

Get all the exciting details on this year’s upcoming Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019

The Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously known as The Argus) is a 109km cycle race that takes place in Cape Town each year along the scenic Cape Town peninsula.

Aptly named, the Cape Town Cycle Tour passes through a series of towns starting from the Cape Town city centre at the Grand Parade next to Cape Town Castle, riding down to Muizenberg and Simon’s Town, and turning at Smitswinkel to come back through Chapman’s Peak and Camp’s Bay to the finish line at Cape Town Stadium.

Whether you’re taking part in the action or you’re just in Cape Town to experience the event there are plenty of places to park your car, set up a picnic and watch the riders go by.  The whole city opens its arms to this annual event.

A little known fact is that the Cape Town Cycle Tour is now part of a weeklong series of cycle events in Cape Town, all leading to the main event on Sunday 10 March 2019.

It’s well worth it to get a rental car for the week and make a holiday of it for the whole family.


This year the Life Cycle Week is from 2-11 March 2019.

Events Include:


MTB Challenge                      2 March 2019

Junior Challenge                    3 March 2019

Expo                                       7-9 March 2019

Cape Town Cycle Tour          10 March 2019


Bike Transport

Travelling to and from the race is easier and simpler than you think.  Courier your bike to the event using any of the reputable bike transport companies on the Cape Town Cycle Tour website. Then, grab an SUV like the Toyota Fortuner or Mercedes GLE with plenty of room for all your bike gear when you touch down at Cape Town International Airport.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is Cape Town’s biggest tourist event of the year and the city pulls out all the stops to make sure participants get the most from their time here. You have the luxury of heading to the Waterfront or Table Mountain for some sightseeing without the worry of where and how to store your bike. 

Bikes are available to be collected a few days before the main event, usually at venues close to Cape Town Stadium at the race village.

Similarly, directly after the event, cyclists can drop off their bikes at a designated drop off point at the finish line to allow for smooth travel back home while you explore the race village.


Registration and Number Collection

If we can give you one piece of advice, it is this: Don’t skip the Expo! This is where all the admin goes down from 7-9 March.

Come through to the Expo at Cape Town Stadium to collect your race number and timing chip. There is parking at the stadium and shuttles to take you there

Remember, if you want to park at the stadium on race day then this is where you need to buy your parking ticket.


Parking on Race Day

It can be overwhelming thinking of where to park whilst also mentally preparing for a long day on the road.

It is better to park closer to the race village and allow the shuttles to transport you to the start line or simply cycle to the start line to take your spot.

As the race starts early in the CBD, there will be places to park along the many roads leading in and out of the area.

Another popular option is to carpool or have a family member drop you off.  Remember, some roads will be closed to accommodate the safety of the event so plan accordingly.



The Cape Town Cycle Tour is very much a family event. Tons of spectators gather along the road to wish the riders well. Somehow, there is always a parking spot to be found here or there when you need it.

Many locals can be seen at refreshment points working hard throughout the day.

And it certainly is a long day! Cyclists are on the road for 7 hours and are definitely encouraged by all the support they see on the road.


Start Time

The official race starts at 6.15am for elite groups. Starting times are staggered and it is more than likely that, if you are not part of a professional association, you will be starting later around 9.30/10am – which is great because it gives you more time to check in, find your friends and experience the starting line.

If you discover that your friends have a later start time than you, you can easily hang back and ride together as long as you all leave by 10am.

At the starting line, every cyclist must have the following items in order to compete: helmet, race number, number plate and time chip. These can easily be replaced at the start village if you’ve lost any item in the excitement.


Women’s Race

The Women’s race for professional elite groups starts at Glencairn at 6.15am, roughly 30km into the route. This is the 2nd year the women’s elite group will have their own race along the Cycle Tour route, cycling 76km instead of the standard 109km - a decision that has been applauded by many professional bodies

Last year’s women’s winner came in at 2:11:50 and the men’s winner came in at 2: 37:30 – a significant gap for both groups to race with optimal conditions.

Of course, if anyone wants to complete the full 109km they are welcome at the Grand Parade starting line. The more, the merrier! 


Race Day

This year marks the 41st Cape Town Cycle Tour. A few improvements have been made following the remarkably windy conditions in 2017 when the 40th race had to be canceled.

This year, cyclists will set off from Grand Parade in front of city hall. The change in the route offers better wind conditions for cyclists.

What is great about the Cape Town Cycle Tour is of course, the route! You ride through suburbs and seaside towns before challenging your calf muscles up the winding curves of Chapman’s Peak

As you whizz past these towns and memorable Cape Town spots, you’ll definitely be making a mental checklist of places you want to come back to, to spend the day.


Entry Details

Keen to jet set to the starting line? Raring to go?

Cycle Tour entries usually open in September and close towards the end of October. Plan your trip early and get the admin out of the way. Book your rental car with Woodford and make sure you get the right car or SUV for you, your family and your gear.

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29 Jan 2019

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