Are Rental Cars Pet-Friendly?

Are Rental Cars Pet-Friendly?

Are Rental Cars Pet-Friendly?

It can be hard to resist bringing your pet along when you travel.  If you’re going home for the holidays then wouldn’t it be great to bring your pet home too? What if you’re renting an all terrain vehicle for an outdoors weekend? It just makes sense to get a rental where you can bring your dog along too.

We have good news: most car rental companies allow for pets, although their policies may differ.  In most cases, you may be asked to pay a cleaning fee or be responsible for cleaning any pet hair left on the seats   Some companies will have a flat cleaning rate regardless of whether the dog hair is visible or not.  Be advised, the cleaning fee could be quite hefty so it is important to get all the information upfront before booking.

Another policy, which some companies instate, is that pets be in their carriers while in the car.  While this is to maintain the condition of the rental car and avoid any pet-related damage to the interior, this is also for your pet’s safety while travelling in a car where luggage may be rolling around.

If you are travelling solo then any car will do but if you are factoring in road tripping with your mates or packing the kids into the car then you need to think bigger. 

When you are searching for a pet-friendly rental car, consider how much space your pets will need.  If you have a large dog, then choosing a vehicle like a Hyundai Tucson with extra cargo space and a convenient hatchback to jump in and out of will be a good option.  If you have smaller pets, such as a cat or a pair of dachshunds then a smaller car like a Toyota Corolla or VW Golf could be ideal to keep your pets on a blanket in the back seat.

As a last tip, be warned, pet-friendly policies can differ in different cities. If you plan to drive one-way and drop the car off in the next city make sure you read up on both sets of rental guidelines.


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19 Jan 2018

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